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High School Education for the Deaf

A new, happy class of 11 students, coming from different schools for the deaf

The Highschool Education for the Deaf  (HSED) at the LCD is unique in Lebanon, since  the LCD has started the first initiative of this program.  The high school provides a program for further education beyond the Brevet studies (Junior High School), towards Baccalaureate level (Senior High School)—from Grade 10 to 12 - for the Deaf in Lebanon.  Before the initiation of this program (2003), many young deaf adults who have obtained their Brevet diplomas wished to continue their further academic education, were not able to pursue thier higher education. 

With this program, they can fulfill they dream since the High School has opened its doors for students from different schools for the Deaf.  This will enable the young deaf people to be able to go to University in their own country. As testimony, till June 2013, 32 deaf students have presented their official Governmental Baccalaureate Examination, and as a result, fortunately, they all have passed.

These students have enrolled at different universities in Lebanons, and and abroad, majoring different domains, such as Computer Literature, Medical Laboratory, Computer Graphic Design, Animation, TV Production, Physical Education, etc., and were all doing remarkably well.  The first class of 2003 have completed thier university education, and some enrolled to graduates levels.

Graduation Class 2006

Graduated in 2011

A new class of the high school program has joined, compromised of 11 students.  All of them came from different schools for the deaf. Al-together there is 14 students in the high school program, divided into 2 different levels.  The 3rd year group of 3 students, is now preparing for the official examination, held in June 2013.  We have also no doubt that they will do just fine, as we have had experiences.