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Deaf Flag

Brief Description of the Deaf Flag, designed by the LFD

The Lebanese Federation of the Deaf (LFD), which is an Ordinary Member of the WFD, has designed and developed a Flag, which has been trademarked and authenticated by the Lebanese Government.

 It is a clear and has a simple stance, of which brief descriptions are as follows:

1.    The general impression of the Deaf Flag that it is apparently belonging to the Deaf Cultures, signifying Deaf persons as a cultural and linguistic minority, where they use Sign Language as the main form of communication.

2.    The main color of the flag is blue, which is related to the UN, a global organization, primarily focusing on human rights issues.

3.    Parenthesis on both sides of the Signing Hands indicates a Circle around Deaf Culture, which is a small world, small communities.  The members of these communities know each-other, protected, surrounded, have direct connection and are all interlinked. 

4.    Two different of Hand Colors signify diverse Cultures, and are equal across different ages, backgrounds, etc.

Color of the Deaf Flag and Mockup

The color of the Deaf Flag is blue and white.  The general appearance of the flag on a pole is indicated as follows:

 The Deaf Flag is simple and clearly understood by whoever sees it. 


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Introduction by the Director of the LCD and the President of the LFD: