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Training Program for teachers, therapists and parents of the Deaf

As part of the Joint Training Program, a training took place at the Learning Center for the Deaf, holding workshops (April 15th till 18th) for teachers, therapists and parents of the Deaf. 
The 1st day was on Communication and Language for Children with Hearing Loss.
The second day was on Children with Hearing Loss in the Classroom
The third day was on Individual Therapy for Children with Hearing Loss and their Family Members. 
The 3 days training was conducted by AVT expert Ms. Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz from the UK nicely assisted by her audiologist friend Haifa Al Hajjaj who transferred chore messages in Arabic. 
The fourth day, which was open for interested individuals, tackled the subject of Deaf/Blindness, and was conducted by Swiss CEO of the Deaf/Blind Federation in Switzerland, Pastor Joachim Schmidt and Ms. Nathalie Wenger Youth and Child Care worker in the school for the Blind, Zollikofen, Switzerland.
A group of professionals nicely joint us for the whole training from Deaf-Unit Cairo.